Protect who can enter your home or business with an access control system.

Access control allows you to control a gate or door from inside, allowing or denying entry to those who request it using voice or video communication or swipe card entry . Ideal for both homes and businesses, it ensures the safety of occupants.

Kahu Security offers a range of intercoms for installation in and around Wairarapa. Leading brands include for domestic use include Aiphone, Dahua and Panasonic; for commercial use Protégé and Concept.

The difference between domestic and domestic and commercial access control systems is the functionality.

Home Access Control In Wairarapa

These are generally basic access control systems which typically only involve one door or gate controlled by someone inside. In some instances, this may be enough for a small business.

Commercial Access Control In Wairarapa

These are more complex access control systems often involving multiple doors and gates, multiple answer stations, swipe card entry with different access levels and monitoring of this, different requirements for different times of day, and are programmable and expandable to keep up with changing business needs.