We have a great range of security alarms systems available to choose from at Kahu Security. From the most basic of home alarm systems through to extensive security systems for commercial premises with CCTV and front door access control.

Our qualified security surveyors will help you determine the best security alarm system for your home or business with our free on site survey and quote. We will come to your location, access your security requirements and provide you with a competitive quote.

Home Security Alarms

Our range of home alarms are designed to ensure you are feeling safe and secure while at home, and free from burglary risks while you’re away. A modern alarm is the ideal and proven way to have you home and possessions protected day and night from opportunist burglars, prowler and professional thieves. We install alarms and alarm components from leading brands including BoschDSC and Risco

Commercial Alarm Systems

Commercial security alarms are ideal for offices, factories, retail shops or any type of business. We install leading quality brands including  BoschDSC and Risco with a range of component options including glass break detectors, alarm partitioning, fire and temperature monitoring, automatic night lighting, panic buttons, remote arming and more. Additionally choose from one of our alarm monitoring options including patrol response monitoring with guard callouts…

CCTV Surveillance

CCTV systems are fantastic for monitoring business activities. Whether you are looking to protect your business from fraud, protect your staff or just generally monitor staff, customers and business activities from a distance, CCTV is the ideal solution. CCTV is becoming more affordable with internet monitoring options. Now you can monitor your business remotely no matter where you are…

Access Control Systems

Front gate or front entry intercom systems are the ideal way to welcome visitors onto your property. From single doors at home through to hundreds or doors in a large business. Access control systems are a great form of security to allow or deny people onto your property. Access control systems can be integrated into your existing alarm or stand alone. With both voice and video options available, you will find the suitable secure you home or business access…

Hardwired Smoke Detectors

Wired in smoke detectors are ideal for both homes and businesses. Providing far better reliability than traditional battery operated smoke detectors, these are connected to your security system alerting you through the system if set off including when you are away from home with a monitored security system…

Automatic Gates

Automated Gates are no longer an unaffordable luxury, but an essential part of your security!  Sick of getting out of your car to open and close the gate when its raining, snowing or blowing a gale?