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Need More Reasons Before Asking Us For An Alarm Quote?

Here’s seven more.
1.     It’ll be so EASY TO USE… it will become automatic at the touch of a button, no more having to make a special effort to remember to arm it.
2.     On site “LIVE” DEMONSTRATION of security systems, see it and try it before it’s installed… so no disappointing surprises.
3.     NO IRRITATING FALSE ALARMS… Kahu Security guard against this happening to you.
4.     BURGLARS OUT FOXED... thieves are cunning these days… so are Kahu Security technicians who know how to stop you from being picked on.
5.     PETS/RODENTS/BIRDS/ INSECTS… BEATEN! Both yours and your neighbours all taken into account.
6.     QUALITY INSTALLATION… no tacky unsightly exposed cabling that could be tampered with.
7.     OUR QUOTE IS OUR BOND… no on the day of installation price change surprises.

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