Protect your home/business from burglars with a professionally installed alarm 

The Keys To A Successful Installation:

  • Use a quality (reliable) alarm brand (2 year warranty on hard-wired equipment).
  • The strategic positioning of components. This is really important as Insurance and Police statistics show thieves won’t even attempt to break in when they can see alarm sirens and sensors staring back at them through the glass.
  • Ease of use. Arming and disarming the alarm when you come and go becomes second nature. Its just so easy.
  • Use Ministry of Justice Licensed alarm technicians only.

At Kahu Security we are professional alarm installers for over 30 years experience that means you get the right alarm for your home and properly installed  and conform to the NZSA installation standards so your alarm is electrically compliant, in addition technicians on our staff are Justice Department Licensed, (police vetted) so insurance company approved… which is great as you will qualify for any discounts they offer… having a professionally installed alarm!

The first step before an alarm installation is getting advice as to what alarm is best suited to your house. This is easy with Kahu Security as we provide an on site FREE alarm survey to assess best options to cater to the family, the pets, bedrooms and garage and any other areas you may have. Advice will be provided on the best alarm for the level of protection that you are looking for taking into account your budget. Placement of alarm components is really critical to ensure maximum protection without forgetting the importance of convenience of use, all these things our surveyor is skilled in assisting with, and then able to provide a quotation for.

A Great Place to Start … A Free Quote

A free no obligation survey/quotation. A qualified Security Consultant can help you with whats needed, the best locations, and come up with a competitive price quotation to complete installation.

Our Security Consultants carry the alarm component options with them to show you so there are no surprises once it has been installed into your home!

All of the alarms available from Kahu Security are quality trusted brands, with warranties as back up support for that quality installation with a 2-year warranty on all equipment.

When a certified technician from Kahu Security installs you alarm and all of the additional features you will have peace of mind knowing that you have had your alarm installed by a qualified and trusted technician. The technician will install all of the components for you alarm including the keypad, sensors and siren.

Your technician will program you alarm for you with the desired codes and alarm sensor partitions and will train you how to use the alarm and all of its features. You will then have a well functioning, visually pleasing and easy to use alarm system protecting your home!

Yearly alarm servicing is advised to keep you alarm performing at a high standard.