Alarms And Cameras Are Great…Until They Play Up!

To avoid any unexpected inconvenient alarm activation surprises. Dead insects, moisture, dust, grease and the odd power spikes can overtime cause electronic components and cabling to deteriorate. If your need you alarm or cameras

  • Serviced
  • Repaired
  • Renovation Upgraded or Replaced
  • Added to (extra sensors hand remotes etc.)
  • Monitored or set up to call your mobile

The “Kahu Security Service Plan” ensures its total reliability, this is a once a year check and repair.  A typical standard service, which has a licensed technician on site for up to 1 hour, is $120 (excl GST) per service.

Join Our Alarm Service Programme

The Kahu Security Service Plan ensures your alarm or camera is serviced regularly, we keep track of this for you and will connect you when its due to arrange a suitable time that is convenient for you.